Image Optimization Options

Which images should we optimize? Here, you can pick which images to optimize. At the moment, we can optimize your product images and the images in your theme files. However, we’re not able to optimize the images uploaded through the theme customizer at the moment. Shopify has not provided access […]

Theme Optimization Options

To access the theme optimization options, head over to the Theme Optimization section in the Hyperspeed dashboard and click Edit Settings. Or if you haven’t yet completed the initial onboarding, the theme settings are in step 3! Once you see your theme optimization settings, you’ll see some options on which […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Hyperspeed broke my site. What do I do? Don’t panic! If only your theme preview is broken, disable the options in Theme Optimization one by one until the error is gone. Not sure what to disable? Check out our guide on common errors and their associated options. If your live […]

Start Here – Installation & Setup

Step 1: Install the app To get started, let’s install the Hyperspeed app on your store. Head over to and click the “Install” button. Accept the app and your subscription plan. You’ll be redirected to the app’s home page. Step 2: Run your first speed optimization When you first open […]