How to disable reCaptcha

Shopify sometimes injects Google’s reCaptcha scripts into your store. These scripts are very large and can hurt your store’s loading times. Here’s how to disable reCaptcha: From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Preferences. Under Spam Protection, uncheck both ‘Enable Google reCAPTCHA‘ checkboxes. Click Save.

What Does Rebuild Cache Do?

The Rebuild Cache button is found on the top bar of your Hyperspeed dashboard.  So what does clicking it do? Refreshes your app optimization list. We check your apps for any updates, and update your cached list if there are any. Refreshes your JS and CSS cache. We check your JS and […]

Is Hyperspeed Compatible with CloudFlare?

Hyperspeed is compatible with CloudFlare.  The only exception is CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader feature. If you have HyperScripts on in Hyperspeed, it will conflict with Rocket Loader. Please disable HyperScripts or disable Rocket Loader. To disable Rocket Loader, open up your Cloudflare dashboard and go to the Speed tab. Scroll down to […]

Apps That Don’t Work in the Preview

Some apps don’t work in the preview because the preview’s domain is different than your actual domain.  Some apps will also check your theme ID which is different in the preview. These apps will continue to work after you publish your optimizations, even though they’re not working in the preview. […]

My Preview Doesn’t Have My Latest Updates

When you choose to publish your Hyperspeed changes through the app, we always apply the optimizations on your latest theme.  By adding it on top of your theme, you won’t lose any of your latest updates, even if they’re not in the preview.  If there’s a code conflict between your […]

Why Does My Preview Feel Slow?

If you’re opening your preview and it feels slow, this is normal. There are a couple reasons this happens: When you visit your site, your browser already has the images and other assets cached since you’ve probably visited it before. These assets have to be downloaded again in the browser. As […]

Add to Cart Is Broken in My Preview

If Add to Cart isn’t working, it may not be an error from the optimization. The preview could be redirecting you back to your live store. To check for this, check the URL after clicking Add to Cart. If you’re no longer on the preview site, the add to cart […]