My PageSpeed Score is Still Too Low

It could be frustrating if your PageSpeed score doesn’t go up much. Try out some of these tips in this guide to improve your score further.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the score is not a great metric to aim for. 

The PageSpeed score does not impact search engine rankings or site conversions. Only real load time stats do. 

The score itself is just an arbitrary number calculated from a bunch of weighted metrics based on what a ‘Good’ benchmark is. 

However, what’s to say what ‘Good’ is? Every site is different, and has different requirements. 

A blog that just has to display some text doesn’t have to load the cart functionality or marketing widgets that an online shop has. To say both sites should load in the same amount of time is unreasonable.

Instead, look at the specific stats that your audit report shows. Improving First Contentful Paint and Largest Contentful Paint will make your site feel much faster. Improving Speed Index and Total Time to Interactive will also help make your site feel faster to improve conversions and SEO.

One more caveat – individual audits can be extremely variable. The same site with no changes can have very different audit scores. 

Take an average over several audits to get a more accurate view! WebPageTest is a great option for this.

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