How Can I Make My Site Even Faster & Improve My PageSpeed Score?

If you’re looking for more speed, just go through these steps!

  1. Make sure all of your Hyperspeed options are enabled. If some were disabled to prevent bugs, it’s fine to leave those off.
  2. Try our HyperScripts feature and Smart JS Deferral. To enable this head over to your Theme Optimization Settings. Then toggle on HyperScripts, and select Smart JS Deferral. Click Generate Preview, and then Publish Optimizations if everything looks good.
    • Please note: Smart JS Deferral is quite new and does defer Shopify’s analytics scripts. So if you notice anything wrong with your analytics data, please switch it off.
  3. Remove as many third party scripts as possible, and make sure their code is removed from your theme. Before uninstalling any app, make sure to contact the relevant app support team so that they can remove their code from your store. The more that has to load, the slower your site will be. Removing as much as you can will help your store load faster.
  4. Replace the slideshow or carousel in your homepage with a single image (not a single slide). Carousels don’t convert customers, and slow down your Core Web Vitals. They need JavaScript to load, which is much slower than just loading an image without any extra fluff. Learn more from CXL on why they don’t work and should be removed.
  5. Reduce the number of items per collection page, and show less items on your homepage. Displaying a lot of items on one page is the number one cause of slow server load times. Load less items to help improve your Time to First Byte.
  6. Remove videos and GIFs. Instead, link to them or use a static image. Videos and GIFs can significantly slow down your site. Removing them will stop them from making your pages too heavy.
  7. If you have Google Pay on, turning this off can help. Here’s how to turn off Google Pay in Shopify.
  8. Disable reCaptacha from Shopify. Here’s how to disable reCaptcha.

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